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Motorcycle GPS

Morgan Jones (

After some research and much debate I chose a Garmin Zumo 450.

Several Philadelphia Riders own the Zumo and I understand routes can be shared. Knowledge can also be shared. The Zumo and TomTom Rider are strong motorcycle specific GPS offerings.

The only difference between the 450 as far as I can tell are a) car mount and power ($65 and $25 respectively online) b) Bluetooth c) XM

the 450 can receive traffic broadcasts. I mention this as it was a feature I was looking for.

The Zumo comes with standard RAM mounts. It was *very* easy to install on my MZ Skorpion Tour. My bars are stock though mounted a little lower on Vortex clip-ons. I added crimp on connectors and attached the power leads directly to the battery.

I did order the car kit. My total cost was about $602. The Zumo 550 is $660 on Amazon right now.

car mount part number: 010-10860-00 car DC power adapter: 010-10747-03